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We help you sell your house at a low commission rate of only $9950 for houses under $900,000. Houses over $900,000 are at 1% + $950. At One Percent Realty, we have full cooperation with other real estate agents who sell approximately three quarters of our MLS® listing sales.

"Being a real estate investor myself, and having bought and sold properties personally over the past decades, I understand the level of care and attention clients expect and deserve. Buying or selling a home is the single largest financial decision that most people face in their lives and I am committed to deliver maximum results with professionalism and patience.

With over 20 years experience as the General Manager of Marketing at a large corporation and a consulting business franchise owner, I leverage on my extensive marketing & financial background, the latest web services and best available internet tools to connect buyers and sellers. My support team includes  social media specialist and professional photographers to help market your property to a wide audience"
- Alex KC Sito, CFP, ChFC, MA. Marketing,  REALTOR

As a fully licensed Realtor® and member of the local MLS® real estate board, I will help you market your house on both Realtor.ca and the local MLS® system for maximum exposure to potential buyers. 

At One Percent Realty, we provide the same real estate services which you would normally be charged a higher real estate commission, the only difference is we charge you less, way less. Why pay more to sell your home?

Our Services include;

  • MLS® listing
  • www.Realtor.ca
  • Showing your home
  • Hold Open houses
  • Signage & photos
  • Advertising at reciprocal websites
  • Market Evaluation
  • Social Media exposure+
  • 360 Video showing+
  • Expert Realtor at your side
Note: + to be discussed.

Language supported: English, Cantonese, Malay, Mandarin.

From where we stand,  Sellers have 3 viable choices when it comes to selling their homes;

Option #1Sell It yourself. You can put your home up with a local real estate board that operates an MLS® system and have your home exposed with all the other listings, and deal directly with the public and the real estate agents who may show your property. Worth noting is that since your property is on the local MLS® system, you will have a reasonable chance of dealing with buyer’s agent. These buyers agents expect to be paid. Most likely, they will be looking to the Seller to pay them something, probably at least half of the traditional fees paid by sellers. In BC, traditional agents often expect to receive approximately 3.255% on the 1st $100,000 plus 1.1625% on the balance of the sale price above $100,000. So as an example of a $900,000 sale price property, half the traditional listing commission equals ($100,000 X 3.255% = $3255) + ( $800,000 X 1.1625% = $9300) = $12555. There is an additional $500 or so for the FSBO (for sale by owner) company’s upfront listing fee, thus totalling $13055.

Option #2Sell your property with a traditional real estate agent. Depending upon what your home is worth, this will cost a fair amount of money. A $900,000 home can typically cost $27,000 (assuming a 7% commission on the first $100,000 and 2.5% on the balance) in British Columbia through a company like this, although commission do vary in the marketplace.

Option #3Save Money & Sell your home through One Percent Realty. We will charge you $9950 for this same $900,000 home, with all the services and exposures that you would receive from the traditional higher commission companies. This fee also includes payment to the buyer’s agent (usually $4500). We do open houses, handles the showings, negotiations, and paperwork that you would expect from any full service real estate company. In short, the services and exposure are the same as you would get from Option #2 above, but for way less money.

So, as illustrated above, for only $9950*, you can have the full service of a One Percent Realty professional Realtor®.

Below is a simple calculation to show what you save when you sell your home with One Percent Realty:

^Illustration with a traditional broker charging 7% on the first $100,000, and 2.5% on the balance.

Note that not all brokers charge the same.

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